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30 Days to Social Media FAILURE

If Gail Martin filmed a commercial for her book and aired it on television, it would most likely interest your parents and potentially make you laugh out loud. Her book, biography, and online presence are filled with hyperbole, repetition, and buzzwords used so often they have lost their meaning. Correspondingly, Martin’s book – 30 Days […]

7 “Historical” Tweets

On November 8th The Huffington Post tweeted a link to an article by Britney Fitzgerald titled “The 7 Tweets that Defined Election Night 2012.” Among the overload of tweets and statuses about the 2012 Presidential election that bombarded my social media platforms in the first week of November, this particular article caught my eye. Not […]

Girls Will Be Girls

 While Lena Dunham has been trying to make in the arts and entertainment industry for a few years now, she was only catapulted to fame with the release of her initially-criticized, but quickly-embraced HBO show Girls. After studying creative writing at Oberlin and releasing her first, full-length project Tiny Furniture, Dunham began to establish herself […]

NOT the “New Girl” on Twitter

I am a student. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am an athlete. I am an intern. It is interesting to think about how many identities one has and how they decide which ones to put out into the world. This concept is especially interesting when looking at celebrity social media pages. […]

Tweet the Town Red: Swift on Twitter

Taylor Swift has had a big week. Her fourth album Red was released on Monday and catapulted to #1 on iTunes within 35 minutes. It also made records on the Billboard Charts for scoring 60 Top 100 hits in 6 years. There is also speculation that she could sell 1 million albums by weeks end. […]

Lindsay Lohan’s Off-Screen Performance…online

Lindsay Lohan probably has more Twitter followers than you (about 4.5 million). She’s probably more well-known than you are, and therefore the media probably scrutinizes her every move more often than yours. Although being a popular childhood actor initially made her famous, the latest tabloid headlines mainly portray her personal life, which has become a […]

Frank Ocean, Twitter Extraordinaire

A few short years ago, I’d say that I was pretty surprised about how many entertainers, musicians, or celebrities in general were on Twitter. I thought of it as something that, like Facebook would start and be persisted by the use of college-aged kids and older, even some adults. But today, now that I think […]