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Social Media Marketing for Dummies

Gail Z. Martin’s book 30 Days to Social Media Success promises to lead small business owners to social media marketing success. Martin promises that this book applies both to first time social media users as well as those who have used social media as a marketing tool but are looking to improve their skill set. In order […]

30 Days To Social Media Success For People Who Don’t Know How To Operate A VCR

If you think Gail Z. Martin doesn’t sound like the name of a person who would know everything there is to know about social media, you’re pretty accurate in your assessment; for confirmation, just look to her book, 30 Days to Social Media Success.

Changing and Refocusing

Honestly, when faced with the task of making changes to my Facebook, prompted by an assignment, it made me extremely uneasy. I’ve always been very conscious about what I put up or choose not to put up, as danah boyd and Alice Marwick mention in their article, “Social Steganography: Privacy in Networked Publics.” Also, after […]

“Taylored”: Taylor Swift’s Social Media Performance

Having over 35 millions fans on Facebook,  Taylor Swift is definitely good at utilizing social media to gain public presence. As I went through her Facebook page, which I’ve been subscribed to for quite a while, the identity performance she gives caught my attention and made me wonder if it is her “real” self posting all these things. […]

Yea Yea Yea Party on Twitter.com: Miley Cyrus

Before studying Miley Cyrus’ social media presence, I decided to ask a few of my peers their impressions of Cyrus’ image on the web. Some were enthusiastic about Cyrus’ social media activity, stating that they loved to read her constant twitter updates and view pictures of her dog Lila. While others’ were turned off by […]

Would Your Mom Be On Your Top 8?

Imagine your mom or dad taking selfies, uploading them as their profile pictures on Myspace, and updating their statuses asking for comments. Their “Top 8” friends would be their respective significant other, as well as their close friends. Your parents would also probably add your own friends on Myspace, and lurk their profiles. Fast forward […]

Vote! Make it Facebook Official and Your Friends Will Follow

The 2012 Presidential election is around the corner and it is important to understand how social media platforms can or cannot facilitate voter registration. In a recent article published by the Huffington Post, writer Seth Borenstein writes about the researched effects of Facebook ‘Friend’ peer pressure from an, “I Voted Today” digital button and other Facebook […]