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The Republican Party Should Really Take Our Class

or not, because I’m fine with the Democrats kicking ass and taking names. But to do so might at least give them some equal footing. Vincent Harris‘ Buzzfeed article, “Time For The Republican Party To Discover The Internet: Google is not a social network, and other elementary errors” explained how “the 2012 election proved that while a […]

Not-So-United States of America

It is no secret how social media play a huge role in our daily lives. Social networking sites allow us to share our feelings, connect with friends and family and allow us to show off just how pretty we all are! Though, with this year’s Presidential Election, we really saw how powerful they really can […]

I Got 99 Problems but Mitt ain’t One

In New York Magazine’s Jay Z Performed ’99 Problems’ at an Obama Rally, Joe Coscarelli comments on the rapper’s performance at an Obama Rally in Columbus, Ohio. The rapper performed a number of songs along with singer Bruce Springsteen prior to Obama’s appearance on stage. The controversy with Jay Z’s performance was about the fact […]