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Not taking Facebook seriously=less stress

I was hesitant at first to make drastic changes to my Facebook but decided it would be fun since I always wondered what would happen if I fooled around with it. To make the changes to my profile I actually didn’t think of my imagined audience, per se. I am familiar with the social norms […]

I Admit I Fell in Love With Kim…

My taste statement is surely what Hugo Liu would confirm as authentic if you check my Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter because as an American male I proudly and openly like and follow many members of the Kardashian-Jenner-Disick-Odom family. That’s why I already know that millions of people around the world today will be wondering […]

Painting the World #RED

I’ve always been a fan of Taylor Swift. I remember roaming on her Myspace page listening to her songs and envying her myspace profile background. Until recently Myspace seemed to be the only social networking site that Taylor Swift was on, and that allowed her some room to show her personality, and not just another website dedicated […]

I Ate A Yogurt And No One Cared!

I know I might come off as somewhat pretentious with what I’m about to say in the following blog post, but in full disclosure, I think my Facebook statuses are pretty great. I don’t think they’re posted too often (re: over 3 a day, within one or two hours of each other), and they’re usually […]

Being Authentic gives you power

America is getting heated up as the Presidential Election day is approaching. Many media and political firms are paying a lot of attention to the effect of Social Media usage on the Election result. In the meanwhile, South Korea is getting heated up for its own Presidential Election as well, which will be held on […]

Girls Will Be Girls

 While Lena Dunham has been trying to make in the arts and entertainment industry for a few years now, she was only catapulted to fame with the release of her initially-criticized, but quickly-embraced HBO show Girls. After studying creative writing at Oberlin and releasing her first, full-length project Tiny Furniture, Dunham began to establish herself […]

Changing and Refocusing

Honestly, when faced with the task of making changes to my Facebook, prompted by an assignment, it made me extremely uneasy. I’ve always been very conscious about what I put up or choose not to put up, as danah boyd and Alice Marwick mention in their article, “Social Steganography: Privacy in Networked Publics.” Also, after […]