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Let’s be acquaintances

in danah boyd‘s 2006 paper “Friends, Friendsters, and MySpace Top 8: Writing Community Into Being on Social Network Sites,” she explains the dynamics of forming online friendships on the sites Friendster and MySpace. Specifically, she explains that friendships on social networking sites are extremely different from the relationships and practices of maintaining friendships in real life. In fact, she […]

Whose Mobile Space?

In 2008, a study published by Eszter Hargittai called, “Whose Space? Differences Among Users and Non-User of Social Network sites” concludes that people’s online communities on Social Network Sites (SNS) mirror their real life social networks. Specifically, gender, race, ethnicity and parental education background reflect one’s online behavior and the extent of interactions with individuals […]


Facebook has a reputation for being the “cheapest” example of social networking, though this can be directly attributed to its accessibility, publicity, and age. Sorry, I know“age” sounds a little harsh, but what I’m trying to convey can ironically be summed up in this satirical tumblr. Actually, I guess it does have to do with […]

Are we MySpace Friends?

Are we Myspace Friends? The article “Friends, Friendsters, and MySpace Top 8: Writing Community into Being on Social Network Sites” by danah boyd was really interesting to me, as I was a part of the MySpace community from its relatively early days, and I had always found it fascinating how the ideas of friendship were […]

“Following” Not “Friending”! When Content Rules Social Media

Danah Boyd’s early 2000 study Friends, Friendster, and Myspace Top 8 did an excellent job analyzing the impact of social media on culture and social interaction. Boyd makes the assertion that social networking sites are not just “digital spaces disconnected from other social venues”, they are actual extensions of the human social network, a modeling […]

Sorry, I Can’t Friend You. I’m On a Cleanse.

Ah, the Great Battle: screams were heard and tears were shed. I remember. The day MySpace introduced “The Top 8.” It was anxiety inducing, like America’s Next Top Model, where either Tyra (your “best” friend) was holding your picture (in the Top 8) or not. Even if your picture was there, where were you in […]

The Fear of Missing Out

In her article “Friends, Friendsters, and Myspace Top 8: Writing Community Into Being on Social Network Sites,” author Danah Boyd provides us with a historical perspective on social media networking. More specifically, she questions whether social media friendships are the same as real life (offline) friendships.  Boyd examines the websites Friendster and MySpace in determining […]