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Blog Post 2 Prompt

The pace of change  is quick for social media technologies. For this blog post, choose one reading that we have done so far this semester that you feel needs to be updated in light of the changes that have occurred since it was published. Briefly summarize the findings and analysis related by the original author, […]

Vote! Make it Facebook Official and Your Friends Will Follow

The 2012 Presidential election is around the corner and it is important to understand how social media platforms can or cannot facilitate voter registration. In a recent article published by the Huffington Post, writer Seth Borenstein writes about the researched effects of Facebook ‘Friend’ peer pressure from an, “I Voted Today” digital button and other Facebook […]

The YouChoose Era

Most users of the internet go on the internet to browse and discover new music, books, or any subject. of media We use the internet to connect with friends, do homework and many other things. What most users do not do is put themselves on the internet to reach stardom, to make it big on […]

E-Democracy, Yeah! or…

What was our quality of life before you or I had the ability to hold an indirect conversation with Kim Kardashian, Rob Delany, or even Nicholas Kristof (I’ll wait while you Google… the last two) from the comfort of our own beds, classrooms, or Starbucks lines? I’m glad neither of us will ever need to […]

The Art of Conversation

Hi, my name is Michelle and I’ve been texting for ten years. I am an enthusiastic texter—complete with emoticons, purely for your enjoyment—and have heard everything from “you’re going to get carpal tunnel,” to “have you looked into getting that surgically attached?” And, for the record, I would not get my phone surgically attached only […]

Social Media at the Olympics

With the massively exponential rise of social media’s popularity, the International Olympic Committee has faced a new challenge in recent years. In attempts to control the type of social media content and output coming from Olympic athletes, new ordinaces have been put into place to ensure that the Olympic Games remain a fair platform, a […]

Money Can Buy You Followers

“Buying Their Way to Twitter Fame,” the New York Times article written by Austin Considine, exposes the [heartbreaking] reality of Twitter and possibly most of our beloved Followed. All those followers, that indicate a person’s popularity and relevance, are not necessarily all human, and they are probably PAYED FOR. Considine mentions web tools that can detect the […]