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Women Take The Lead

In 2007, Eszter Hargittai published the article, “Whose Space? Differences Among Users and Non-Users of Social Network Sites”.  The article sets out to address a question that any netizen in today’s cybernetic era might instinctually assume mockingly rhetorical without thoroughly reading Hargittai’s investigation. Of course all “people (are) equally likely to join the various types […]

Don’t Forget The Baby Boomers (Instagrandmas and all)

As I said in my Tweet last week that unknowingly foreshadowed this week’s blog post topic: “It seems like all studies of social media are fighting an uphill battle- by the time they’re published it is already outdated.” Could anything be truer? All of the assignments we’ve read as a class thus far in the […]

Mother Superior Jumped the Gun

Nobody likes change (re: all those Facebook changes and those Twitter changes). But I imagine change is most annoying to researchers.  I mean, seriously, put yourself in danah boyd‘s shoes, for example.  Two years ago, you’re all, “Aw, yeah, Retweeting! Unclaimed territory, I call dibs!” You do your study, you spend all that time gathering […]

My (Old) Space

After reading danah boyd’s essay, “Friends, Friendsters, and MySpace Top 8: Writing Community Into Being on Social Network Sites,” I attempted to log into my MySpace account to see how it was doing. I haven’t logged in in probably 3 or 4 years, and after several failed attempts at guessing my email and password combination, […]