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#weddingtrending RT @NYTimes

In her September 7 article in the New York Times, Courtney Rubin described what is currently my favorite new internet phenomenon: making a wedding trend on Twitter. She writes about couples, such as Aaron and Jamie in Los Angeles, or Burt Herman (founder of internet-story-amalgamation-and-summarizing service Storify) and his wife, who all have one thing […]

Facebook for President

Facebook is addicting comprable to brushing our teeth every morning in terms of our everyday routines and daily to-dos. If you have a few free minutes, check your Facebook. If you’re in class, check your Facebook. You miss your friend in Egypt and wonder how they’re doing, send them a Facebook message. The inter-connectivity that Facebook […]

Surprise surprise, peer pressure affects even those over 18…

and social networks are a pretty effective way to influence your friends. Today’s New York Times article by John Markoff titled “Social Networks Can Affect Voter Turnout, Study Finds,”  reveals the results of a study conducted on Facebook during the 2010 election. The study showed that a “get out the vote” message across the top of […]


I’ll be the first to admit it. I hope many of you will follow suit. I don’t like to hide aspects of myself, and I want to be open about this now, before we delve into friendships past the classroom. My favorite song right now – as it has been since the end of the […]