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Review of Clay Shirky’s Cognitive Surplus

Before picking up Clay Shirky’s latest work, Cognitive Surplus, I had never heard of this term. Cognitive surplus is what “lets us treat free time as a shared global resource, and lets us design new kinds of participation and sharing that take advantage of that resource.” (pg. 27) Modern times and technologies have caused people […]

Social Media at the Olympics

With the massively exponential rise of social media’s popularity, the International Olympic Committee has faced a new challenge in recent years. In attempts to control the type of social media content and output coming from Olympic athletes, new ordinaces have been put into place to ensure that the Olympic Games remain a fair platform, a […]

Google Glass: The Glasses of the Future

Each year fashion week consists of one designer trying to “wow” and surprise the press above any other. Well this Fall Fashion week Diane Von Furstenberg stole the show, not only with her clothing, but also with her display of the new Google Glass product on the catwalk. Furstenberg has impressed the fashion world for […]