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Oh Donald….

Dear old Donald Trump is at it again. Many republicans were rather disenchanted– to say the least– after the results of the elections. And while some were just sad, many like Donald Trump were right out calling for a march to Washington. Being the authentic man that he is, Donald Trump could not abstain from […]

Democracy Isn’t Funny

In my first blog post, I mentioned Rob Delaney (albeit spelling his name wrong! Oops) to provide an example of a popular voice on Twitter. Despite beginning his career in comedy before Twitter (someone really needs to make BT [before twitter] happen, a-la BC, or BCE), he is most commonly associated with his comedic fame, or success, […]

Come Hell or High Water

One of the things I noticed during the days before the 2012 Presidential Election was how much talk there was in the news about politicizing Hurricane Sandy. Now, I don’t know if its just me, but I’m honestly still trying to figure out how we got from pre-Halloween October to post-election now almost Thanksgiving November at […]

“We need a leader who is one of us.”

Through the weeks leading up to the election, I must have seen hundreds of posts regarding the event on Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram. I rarely ever click on the articles, but one stuck out to me so much that I felt like I had to click, and has been the only article to stick […]

The Middle Ground

In the aftermath of the Presidential Election emotions were running high on social media. Facebook was a swamp of elation and depression, ranging from a celebratory mocking of the Real Mitt Romney to posts literally calling Wednesday, November 5, 2012, “the  most tragic day in American history” (anonymous, clueless, Facebook user). I ignored most of the […]