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Facebook Unfriending and the Election

  Mashable’s Chris Taylor posted an article about the relationship between the 2012 Presidential election and the action of Facebook unfriending entitled, “After the Election, Time to Heal Your Facebook Divide.” Evidently, 47% of people who responded to Mashable’s poll have unfriended Facebook users as a direct result of the election. Taylor encourages Facebook users […]

Glad we ended up in Obama’s America

Most of my Facebook friends are to the left on the American political spectrum, as are most of the media sites I follow on Twitter.  While I had temporarily hid some people from my news feed on Facebook who were posting political statements to their page (some of their posts were getting overwhelming), some links […]

Politics context collapsed its way into the social networking scene, performance perseveres

Obama had plenty of reasons to win presidency for a second term. He is friends with Beyoncé and Jay-Z, thinks he’s capable of doing the Gangnam Style dance, and his face is excellent for meme making. All of these things are a reflection of a much bigger factor in this election overall- the use of […]

Democracy Isn’t Funny

In my first blog post, I mentioned Rob Delaney (albeit spelling his name wrong! Oops) to provide an example of a popular voice on Twitter. Despite beginning his career in comedy before Twitter (someone really needs to make BT [before twitter] happen, a-la BC, or BCE), he is most commonly associated with his comedic fame, or success, […]

Taking Statuses Out Of Context

As we are living in a social media saturated world today, the number of articles I saw circulate on social media, specifically through Facebook and Twitter, was endless. Some of the funniest and most creative articles I came across were on BuzzFeed. Matt Stopera, member of BuzzFeed staff, wrote an article titled “The 25 Funniest […]

The Winning Re-Tweet: The Winning Hug

I bet every one of you can tell me what the most re-tweeted photo in the history of social media is because it flooded all of our news feeds the night President Obama was reelected for his second term. That’s right, the photo of the President hugging first lady, Michelle.  The article, “Social and Anti-Social […]

One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State (Or How I Learned to Love Russert and Start Coloring)

I don’t often find myself using social media platforms—especially Twitter—to educate myself on the important news of the day; I follow perhaps two dedicated news personalities’ handles, I ignore or don’t understand most trending tweets, and I live-tweet televised events for the sole purpose of staying in touch with the visceral and often humorous reactions […]