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Want to be Internet Famous? Just Believe!

In Gail Z. Martin’s “30 Days to Social Media Success,” the author focuses on teaching small business owners about the importance of incorporating social media into their work in order to enhance their business. Her book is organized into two sections. The first part of the book focuses on teaching small business owners about making sure […]

Changing and Refocusing

Honestly, when faced with the task of making changes to my Facebook, prompted by an assignment, it made me extremely uneasy. I’ve always been very conscious about what I put up or choose not to put up, as danah boyd and Alice Marwick mention in their article, “Social Steganography: Privacy in Networked Publics.” Also, after […]

Tweet the Town Red: Swift on Twitter

Taylor Swift has had a big week. Her fourth album Red was released on Monday and catapulted to #1 on iTunes within 35 minutes. It also made records on the Billboard Charts for scoring 60 Top 100 hits in 6 years. There is also speculation that she could sell 1 million albums by weeks end. […]


Zach Braff: actor (Scrubs, Garden State), producer, director, comedian, & political activist (just to name a few). But which of these roles does his Twitter convey? He has many identities, and one would think that it would not be possible to show them all on a singular social networking site. And if this is true, why does he […]

Rih Tweets

Almost prophetically, Jay would soon manage such a girl, as it seems to be just the path recording artist/actress Rihanna is taking. I, and others, can form this opinion with little help from the tabloids. @badgalriri performs consistently on SNS (social network sites) like Twitter and Instagram, and seems to manage her own accounts, giving […]

Beyonce I Am

For this assignment I looked at Beyonce’s Facebook profile. It was interesting to choose Beyonce because I recently read about the design team, Designed Memory that “partnered with Beyonce and her production company, Parkwood Entertainment, to completely revamp her online presence.” The team claims that, “B drives the (online) conversation” while her fans can “easily communicate […]