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Think Again

Social Media is Bullshit by B.J. Mendelson makes you think twice about the use of social media as a tool for marketing. On the surface, you can be easily convinced that social media is a useful mechanism in gaining recognition and creating a strong consumer foundation. However, Mendelson argues that this is furthest thing from the truth; it […]

“Everything I Think and Everything I Do Is Wrong.”

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” the ambiguous They warn.  Well, whoops, guilty.  When I first laid eyes on Social Media is Bullshit by BJ Mendelson, I figured I would be disagreeing with the whole book.  After all, haven’t I just spent an entire semester reading academic studies that validate the existence and importance […]

Social Media Panacea: Why It Isn’t A Marketer’s Cure-All

—B.J. Mendelson’s book, Social Media is Bullshit has been deemed a “funny, honest take on the myth of social media, the people who fuel that myth, and the only marketing book you will ever need”…by B.J. Mendelson (17).  Join me in a critical analysis as I attempt to debunk the hype behind Mendelson’s own debunking of social media […]

You’re Thinking About Social Media Marketing? Then Can I Interest You in a Shovel?

  B.J. Mendelson is making a bold claim in the title of his debut book Social Media is Bullshit, and makes an even bolder claim inside the book that social media “doesn’t exist” (17). That said, the author presents a reasonable argument that the term “social media” is nothing more than a buzzword for conventions […]

Social Media is…Bullshit?

“Social media” is an ineffective marketing scheme sold to people who don’t know any better in order for marketers to make a profit. Or at least, this is the point that B.J. Mendelson makes very clear in his book, Social Media is Bullshit.  His argument is extremely strong because he uses so many sound examples; […]

Social Media Is Bullshit (And so is everything else that you’ve ever believed in)

According to B.J. Mendelson, “Social Media Is Bullshit” is a “guided tour through the bullshit factory that is the social media industry.” He begins by letting the readers know that social media is bullshit. With that said, he leaves the readers and me, most likely just me, in shambles. I had to take a deep […]

Cutting Through the Bullshit of Social Media Marketing

BJ Mendelson’s Social Media is Bullshit has mercilessly crushed something I considered a huge part of my life and career, but it did so in a succinct, humorous, and refreshing manner. After taking countless courses on social media, digital marketing, and digital entrepreneurship at NYU, this book has given me an entirely different perspective on […]