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Let’s be acquaintances

in danah boyd‘s 2006 paper “Friends, Friendsters, and MySpace Top 8: Writing Community Into Being on Social Network Sites,” she explains the dynamics of forming online friendships on the sites Friendster and MySpace. Specifically, she explains that friendships on social networking sites are extremely different from the relationships and practices of maintaining friendships in real life. In fact, she […]

Are we MySpace Friends?

Are we Myspace Friends? The article “Friends, Friendsters, and MySpace Top 8: Writing Community into Being on Social Network Sites” by danah boyd was really interesting to me, as I was a part of the MySpace community from its relatively early days, and I had always found it fascinating how the ideas of friendship were […]

I Am So much Cooler Than You, Because I have the Most # of Freinds! says the Tom (Guy) on MySpace

Occasionally, I receive friend requests on Facebook from a very random person from a country I had never visited or not even familiar with. My immediate response is to click “delete” and report him as a spammer. I dislike random people’s attempts to come into my own personal but virtual space. It almost feels like […]

Will You Be My Friend?

If my mom tried to add me on MySpace seven years ago, I would have laughed in her face. I probably wouldn’t have even declined her request – I would have let the pending invitation sit in my virtual inbox, collecting virtual dust, because the thought of my mother using social networking sites, and friending […]