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30 Days to Social Media FAILURE

If Gail Martin filmed a commercial for her book and aired it on television, it would most likely interest your parents and potentially make you laugh out loud. Her book, biography, and online presence are filled with hyperbole, repetition, and buzzwords used so often they have lost their meaning. Correspondingly, Martin’s book – 30 Days […]

Changing and Refocusing

Honestly, when faced with the task of making changes to my Facebook, prompted by an assignment, it made me extremely uneasy. I’ve always been very conscious about what I put up or choose not to put up, as danah boyd and Alice Marwick mention in their article, “Social Steganography: Privacy in Networked Publics.” Also, after […]

tattoo tuesdays and wasted wednesdays: my new facebook identity

This week I turned my Facebook into a fakebook. When I started thinking about a few drastic changes I could make, I went on timeline and clicked on the life events tab to get an idea or two. So first things first: The real me on Facebook. In order for the changes I made to make sense, […]

Undeniable California Girl

I take dressing up very seriously. This is likely attributed to my immaculate attention to detail in combination with a fragile sense, lacking just enough shame to make you feel like this German compound noun (you’re welcome). If you weren’t raised in Los Angeles, you may be better acquainted with the term “obsessive-compulsive disorder” to describe […]

Beyonce I Am

For this assignment I looked at Beyonce’s Facebook profile. It was interesting to choose Beyonce because I recently read about the design team, Designed Memory that “partnered with Beyonce and her production company, Parkwood Entertainment, to completely revamp her online presence.” The team claims that, “B drives the (online) conversation” while her fans can “easily communicate […]

Let’s be acquaintances

in danah boyd‘s 2006 paper “Friends, Friendsters, and MySpace Top 8: Writing Community Into Being on Social Network Sites,” she explains the dynamics of forming online friendships on the sites Friendster and MySpace. Specifically, she explains that friendships on social networking sites are extremely different from the relationships and practices of maintaining friendships in real life. In fact, she […]

Hey U, Let’s Be Friends

Friendster and Facebook. When I was looking at the names of these two social networking websites a few minutes ago, looking at them deep into the structuring of the words, I suddenly had this epiphany: Friendster, as in “Friends-ter”, emphasizes on the “friending” aspect of social networking; while Facebook, as in “Face-book”, gives more attention […]