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Want to be Internet Famous? Just Believe!

In Gail Z. Martin’s “30 Days to Social Media Success,” the author focuses on teaching small business owners about the importance of incorporating social media into their work in order to enhance their business. Her book is organized into two sections. The first part of the book focuses on teaching small business owners about making sure […]

Rih Tweets

Almost prophetically, Jay would soon manage such a girl, as it seems to be just the path recording artist/actress Rihanna is taking. I, and others, can form this opinion with little help from the tabloids. @badgalriri performs consistently on SNS (social network sites) like Twitter and Instagram, and seems to manage her own accounts, giving […]

Money Can Buy You Followers

“Buying Their Way to Twitter Fame,” the New York Times article written by Austin Considine, exposes the [heartbreaking] reality of Twitter and possibly most of our beloved Followed. All those followers, that indicate a person’s popularity and relevance, are not necessarily all human, and they are probably PAYED FOR. Considine mentions web tools that can detect the […]

The Benefits of Being An Artist (Or Running An Art Blog) on Tumblr

As an avid Tumblr user for approximately two years now, I can easily see why this blogging platform has rapidly gained popularity and media attention since its inception in 2007. Attracting many different niche groups and combining them into one large community, Tumblr allows its users not only an outlet to present their written posts […]