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Absolutely Cognitively Connected

A year ago, a cousin of mine named Kimberly who works as a flight attendant was in the state of Washington for a night in between shifts. She was with a friend whose family owns a resort on the edge of a national forest and they decided to go hiking. They followed the trail but […]

The rise of the amateur: Shirky’s Cognitive Surplus

The world has a trillion hours of participatory value up for grabs each year. Its called cognitive surplus and what we do with it, how we harness its energy, how we transform it into something of value… is almost entirely up to us. The “us” being talked about here is the educated world, people that […]

Review of Clay Shirky’s Cognitive Surplus

Before picking up Clay Shirky’s latest work, Cognitive Surplus, I had never heard of this term. Cognitive surplus is what “lets us treat free time as a shared global resource, and lets us design new kinds of participation and sharing that take advantage of that resource.” (pg. 27) Modern times and technologies have caused people […]

Cognitive Surplus Book Review

Cognitive Surplus is a very catchy title for a very engaging book. The definition of the term is essentially the extra time and energy people put into producing things, namely social media. Clay Shirky argues this appears silly at first glance but is actually quite intellectual. Shirky does a fantastic job framing the idea of […]

Cognitive Surplus, Clay Shirky

In his book Cognitive Surplus, Clay Shirky denotes the sitcom as the critical lubricant that eased our transition from one kind of society to another (Shirky, 4). Since the Second World War, he claims that we as humans have had to grapple with something that we had never had to deal with before: free time. […]

To Read or Not to Read: Cognitive Surplus Edition

Cognitive Surplus: How Technology Makes Consumers into Collaborators by Clay Shirky opens by explaining what London citizens did with their free times during the 1700’s: get really drunk. Today, people have even more free time, but choose to spend it a little more wisely… with the Internet. So, less sloppy stumbling around, but much more […]

Come Hell or High Water

One of the things I noticed during the days before the 2012 Presidential Election was how much talk there was in the news about politicizing Hurricane Sandy. Now, I don’t know if its just me, but I’m honestly still trying to figure out how we got from pre-Halloween October to post-election now almost Thanksgiving November at […]