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30 Days to Social Media FAILURE

If Gail Martin filmed a commercial for her book and aired it on television, it would most likely interest your parents and potentially make you laugh out loud. Her book, biography, and online presence are filled with hyperbole, repetition, and buzzwords used so often they have lost their meaning. Correspondingly, Martin’s book – 30 Days […]

I Was a MySpace Whore

I had forgotten about the MySpace Top 8 until I read danah boyd‘s “Friends Friendsters and The Myspace Top 8.” It bought up many (not so) fond memories of the drama that ensued when you mixed social network sites and 14 year-old adolescents. I was part of a group of four friends that all revolved […]

Money Can Buy You Followers

“Buying Their Way to Twitter Fame,” the New York Times article written by Austin Considine, exposes the [heartbreaking] reality of Twitter and possibly most of our beloved Followed. All those followers, that indicate a person’s popularity and relevance, are not necessarily all human, and they are probably PAYED FOR. Considine mentions web tools that can detect the […]

Surprise surprise, peer pressure affects even those over 18…

and social networks are a pretty effective way to influence your friends. Today’s New York Times article by John Markoff titled “Social Networks Can Affect Voter Turnout, Study Finds,”  reveals the results of a study conducted on Facebook during the 2010 election. The study showed that a “get out the vote” message across the top of […]

The Camellia Network

Type in “strange social networks” on Google and you will find a plethora of social networking sites that cater to a specific group of people. This story just offers a few of those: a network for those who like to knit, a network for “vampire freaks,” and even a network that is a online bar. […]