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Oh Gail!

So I was on Squidoo last night and …. -Said no one. Ever. I’m sure Squidoo has some users, and these people are privy to some of the most precious information on earth: what squidoo is. In our Culture and Social Media Technologies class, we’ve had some fun poking that squid with a stick to see […]

Social Media for Noobs

Gail Martin wrote a handbook on how to become a social media success in 30 days. The cover reads “The 30 day results guide to making the most of Twitter, blogging, linkedIn and Facebook.” The initial first half of the book is an in depth description of how Ms. Martin paves your path to social […]

30 Days To Social Media Success For People Who Don’t Know How To Operate A VCR

If you think Gail Z. Martin doesn’t sound like the name of a person who would know everything there is to know about social media, you’re pretty accurate in your assessment; for confirmation, just look to her book, 30 Days to Social Media Success.

30 Days to Social Media FAILURE

If Gail Martin filmed a commercial for her book and aired it on television, it would most likely interest your parents and potentially make you laugh out loud. Her book, biography, and online presence are filled with hyperbole, repetition, and buzzwords used so often they have lost their meaning. Correspondingly, Martin’s book – 30 Days […]