Reading Questions

Questions to guide your reading before you come to class

For Wednesday 9/12:

  1. Based on the articles by Donath and boyd & Ellison, what defines “social media?” What differentiates social media from other media (if anything)?
  2. How does identity become an important factor in communication via social media?
  3. Why do boyd & Ellison prefer the term “social network sites”?
  4. What does Beer take issue with in boyd & Ellison’s piece?

For Monday 9/10:

  1. How did the video (An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube) address the following concepts: empowerment, community, participant observation/digital ethnography, context collapse, private/public, self, recognition, voyeurism, authenticity, legality?
  2. What are Baym’s 7 key terms for talking about communication and media technologies? How are they defined?
  3. What are Baym’s 4 discourses of new media technologies?
  4. What is a “netizen”? Do you think you’re a “netizen”? What kinds of things might not be as accessible to you if you weren’t one?

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