A year ago, a cousin of mine named Kimberly who works as a flight attendant was in the state of Washington for a night in between shifts. She was with a friend whose family owns a resort on the edge of a national forest and they decided to go hiking. They followed the trail but […]

“Likeable Social Media” written by Dave Kerpen has been given a lot of thumbs up by “big guys” such as The New York Times and USA Today. According to the front cover, the book promises to teach you “how to delight your customers,” “create an irresistible brand,” and “be generally amazing on Facebook (and other social […]

Social media is now deeply rooted in people’s lives. Knowing the inevitability of social media in people’s lives, all marketers are trying to utilize social media as a business tool to drive sales of their products. However, because social media is fairly new, many marketers are using it inefficiently. In Likeable Social Media, Dave Kerpen […]

The world has a trillion hours of participatory value up for grabs each year. Its called cognitive surplus and what we do with it, how we harness its energy, how we transform it into something of value… is almost entirely up to us. The “us” being talked about here is the educated world, people that […]

Oh, Gail Martin. I really can’t be mad at you for 30 Days To Social Media Success because I feel like I know you. I’m not mad at you for writing a book called 30 Days To Social Media Success and then kind of skipping over that whole “success” thing and mostly talking about 30 […]

Before picking up Clay Shirky’s latest work, Cognitive Surplus, I had never heard of this term. Cognitive surplus is what “lets us treat free time as a shared global resource, and lets us design new kinds of participation and sharing that take advantage of that resource.” (pg. 27) Modern times and technologies have caused people […]

Cognitive Surplus is a very catchy title for a very engaging book. The definition of the term is essentially the extra time and energy people put into producing things, namely social media. Clay Shirky argues this appears silly at first glance but is actually quite intellectual. Shirky does a fantastic job framing the idea of […]