Category Prompts

Mini-blog Prompt

Note that this assignment will replace the 4th blog response listed on the original syllabus. For this mini-blog post, summarize and respond to one interesting online article that you have seen regarding the 2012 election. You are especially encouraged to choose an article that you discovered through social media channels (e.g. an article that you […]

Blog Post 3 Prompt

For this post, you may choose one of two options: Option 1: Make some drastic changes in one of your social media profiles (I recommend Facebook, if you have a profile there). For example, you might change your relationship status, gender, the way you present yourself in your photos, the tastes you list, the style […]

Blog Post 2 Prompt

The pace of change ┬áis quick for social media technologies. For this blog post, choose one reading that we have done so far this semester that you feel needs to be updated in light of the changes that have occurred since it was published. Briefly summarize the findings and analysis related by the original author, […]

Blog Post 1 Prompt

For this blog post, find a recent* article posted online about social media [here’s an example]. Write a thoughtful response to your chosen article, drawing on the readings we have done so far and the Anthropological Introduction to Youtube video you watched during the first week. Specifically, you should identify which of Baym’s four social […]