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Midterm Review

Be able to define and fully explain how each of the listed concepts are addressed in the assigned readings and in our class discussions. Also be prepared to give/identify examples of each concept. Discourses of new media discussed by Baym Boyd & Ellison’s defining characteristics of social network sites Strong, weak, and latent ties Social […]

Reading PDFs

Here is a link to a downloadable zip file containing all the required readings (let me know if you have any trouble accessing them). Please also make sure to get the Baym textbook and complete the first reading from it for Monday. The Schedule page has a comprehensive list of all the assigned readings (the […]


Welcome to Culture and Social Media Technologies (a.k.a. MCC-UE 1032 Social Media Networking)! This is where you’ll post your blog assignments. You can also access information about the course from this site using the menu at the top of the page. Grades can be accessed via Blackboard. Our course Twitter hashtag is #csmt2012. You can […]