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Social Media Marketing for Dummies

Gail Z. Martin’s book 30 Days to Social Media Success promises to lead small business owners to social media marketing success. Martin promises that this book applies both to first time social media users as well as those who have used social media as a marketing tool but are looking to improve their skill set. In order […]

Buzzfeed Steals the Show

This year’s Presidential campaign seemed to follow us everywhere, from emails from the candidates to even popping up in banners on the bottom of our Pandora app. Facebook and Twitter mini-feeds were filled with political opinions, and Tumblr flooded with pictures of Obama and Romney. Social Media, once a place for funny wall-posts, and mindless […]

Yea Yea Yea Party on Miley Cyrus

Before studying Miley Cyrus’ social media presence, I decided to ask a few of my peers their impressions of Cyrus’ image on the web. Some were enthusiastic about Cyrus’ social media activity, stating that they loved to read her constant twitter updates and view pictures of her dog Lila. While others’ were turned off by […]

“Friend Me?”

    In Donath and Boyd’s article Public Displays of Connection the pair describes how individuals construct their identities online, validating their profile not only through personal information but connections with friends. The article discusses why and how we navigate our connections with individuals via social network sites, emphasizing the fact that people use their […]

Google Glass: The Glasses of the Future

Each year fashion week consists of one designer trying to “wow” and surprise the press above any other. Well this Fall Fashion week Diane Von Furstenberg stole the show, not only with her clothing, but also with her display of the new Google Glass product on the catwalk. Furstenberg has impressed the fashion world for […]