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Social Media is…Bullshit?

“Social media” is an ineffective marketing scheme sold to people who don’t know any better in order for marketers to make a profit. Or at least, this is the point that B.J. Mendelson makes very clear in his book, Social Media is Bullshit.  His argument is extremely strong because he uses so many sound examples; […]


We all knew the election was going to be a HUGE topic on Facebook and Twitter but this was the first election in which Instagram has been in the picture.  As an avid Instagramer, I noticed an extreme increase in photos on Election Day.  The day after the election, my observations were confirmed by Mashable […]


When thinking of a celebrity Twitter profile to analyze, the very first person that popped into my head was Blake Anderson (Workaholics anyone)?! If you haven’t seen the show on Comedy Central, his character is a party animal with a crappy nine-to-five job as a telemarketer. Obviously, he is a comedian and the show is […]

Users Going Private?

“Friends, Friendsters, and Myspace Top 8” by danah boyd was interesting to read because it is obviously a little dated (I don’t know anyone that uses Myspace anymore and Friendster no longer exists).  boyd discusses the concept of “friending” someone and what exactly it means to be friends on a social network; she calls attention […]

Is Technology to Blame?

I was intrigued by the article, “The Creep of Social Media Raises Big Questions” by Sherry Turkle. After reading it, I acknowledge that Turkle points out some valid criticisms of social media and their detrimental effects, yet I do not fully agree with the way she prefaces her argument.  Basically, she points out how negatively […]