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“Likeable Social Media” or “Branding Tools For Dummies”

Dave Kerpen’s Likeable Social Media is a crash course in the science of branding tools. From the beginning of the 18 Chapter how-to-guide, Kerpen identifies the importance of forging a “brand personality”, or creating an identity for one’s company that consumers can identity, promote, and interact with. In the Digital Age, where vast amounts of […]

The Middle Ground

In the aftermath of the Presidential Election emotions were running high on social media. Facebook was a swamp of elation and depression, ranging from a celebratory mocking of the Real Mitt Romney to posts literally calling Wednesday, November 5, 2012, “the  most tragic day in American history” (anonymous, clueless, Facebook user). I ignored most of the […]

“Following” Not “Friending”! When Content Rules Social Media

Danah Boyd’s early 2000 study Friends, Friendster, and Myspace Top 8 did an excellent job analyzing the impact of social media on culture and social interaction. Boyd makes the assertion that social networking sites are not just “digital spaces disconnected from other social venues”, they are actual extensions of the human social network, a modeling […]

The Line Is Blurring

In Personal Connections In The Digital Age Nancy Baym asserts the importance of mobility in technology (11). Mobility, or the ability for “person to person communication regardless of location,” is one of the seven key terms that define technology and its following innovations. Baym suggests that technology (particularly Internet technology) will improve in mobility as […]