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Social Media Panacea: Why It Isn’t A Marketer’s Cure-All

—B.J. Mendelson’s book, Social Media is Bullshit has been deemed a “funny, honest take on the myth of social media, the people who fuel that myth, and the only marketing book you will ever need”…by B.J. Mendelson (17).  Join me in a critical analysis as I attempt to debunk the hype behind Mendelson’s own debunking of social media […]

It’s @ElectionDay!

2012 was a record-breaking year in terms of social media as the Presidential Election produced staggeringly high counts of user interaction on many social media platforms both leading up to and during the election process.  Twitter itself recorded over 31 million tweets during election coverage, making it the most tweeted-about political event ever, while the […]

Aziz Ain’t Sorry. But I am. For this terrible pun.

-While he may not necessarily be the best representation of a celebrity with vast social media presence, Aziz Ansari does have a strong foothold in the social media scene on Twitter, and I believe the way he combines humor with professionalism and personality is worthy of analysis in my next blog post.- Meet Aziz.  Probably […]

It’s Facebook Official: My-Space Has Been Re-Placed

Myspace?  More like Nice-try-space.  If you ask the average teenager about this once-popular social networking site, you’ll likely receive an offhanded shrug, or if you’re lucky an “Oh right, that…” of equal apathy.  No longer the social media hotspot it once was, the fact remains that Myspace has long since been outcompeted by other social media sites […]

The Future of Blogging

In today’s online environment, it’s possible for virtually anyone with access to a computer to partake in the rapidly developing phenomenon that is social media.  Whether creating a Facebook account, Twitter handle, or even managing a blog, the number of consumers and producers of online media are ever-increasing.  For many, the main goal of having […]