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Think Again

Social Media is Bullshit by B.J. Mendelson makes you think twice about the use of social media as a tool for marketing. On the surface, you can be easily convinced that social media is a useful mechanism in gaining recognition and creating a strong consumer foundation. However, Mendelson argues that this is furthest thing from the truth; it […]

Heated political arguments, broken relationships. Is it really necessary?

On election night, my Facebook newsfeed blew up with countless status updates on President Obama’s re-election. Every time I would refresh the page, there would be another load of them, and it continued like that for the rest of the night. Some statuses were inspired by Obama’s victory and were very supportive of his re-election. […]

Becoming a Belieber

It is hard to ignore the teen heartthrob Justin Bieber; he is on magazine covers, billboards, television, and most definitely plays a very present role on social media. He has an active Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and several other networks. I wanted to focus on Bieber’s Twitter and observe the activity that happens on this social […]

Do you really know your “friends”?

“You have 1,526 Facebook friends?! How do you even know that many people?!” is a reaction that is not uncommon when taking a look at people’s Facebooks. Social networking sites allow for vast communications to be made, and these connections are publicly displayed for everyone to see.  In Donath & Boyd’s “Public Displays of Connection” they discuss how those who […]

Facebook Influences Voter Turnout

We all know the power of Facebook, and how deeply embedded this form of social media is in our society. Nowadays, people just assume that everyone has Facebook and is an active user of this social networking site. Facebook has gone far beyond just staying connected between friends and family, and has permeated into the […]