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“Everything I Think and Everything I Do Is Wrong.”

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” the ambiguous They warn.  Well, whoops, guilty.  When I first laid eyes on Social Media is Bullshit by BJ Mendelson, I figured I would be disagreeing with the whole book.  After all, haven’t I just spent an entire semester reading academic studies that validate the existence and importance […]

If the Democrats had a Facebook Page…

8 years ago, it was the Democrats who were crying about election results.  BuzzFeed’s Zeke Bleff reports that the reason found for losing the Kerry vs. Bush match was: Democrats didn’t have a clear, pithy way to describe what they stood for to average Americans. Republicans…could describe their values in seven words: “tax cuts, Iraq […]

I Ate A Yogurt And No One Cared!

I know I might come off as somewhat pretentious with what I’m about to say in the following blog post, but in full disclosure, I think my Facebook statuses are pretty great. I don’t think they’re posted too often (re: over 3 a day, within one or two hours of each other), and they’re usually […]

Mother Superior Jumped the Gun

Nobody likes change (re: all those Facebook changes and those Twitter changes). But I imagine change is most annoying to researchers.  I mean, seriously, put yourself in danah boyd‘s shoes, for example.  Two years ago, you’re all, “Aw, yeah, Retweeting! Unclaimed territory, I call dibs!” You do your study, you spend all that time gathering […]

The Taliban Know Where You Are

Everyone you know or know of is on Facebook, from that kid you met in camp six years ago to your grandma to the Taliban.  Yes, the Taliban, though their profile pictures may not be accurate representations of who they are.  A recent Australian government review of social media and defense found that Taliban members […]