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You’re Thinking About Social Media Marketing? Then Can I Interest You in a Shovel?

  B.J. Mendelson is making a bold claim in the title of his debut book Social Media is Bullshit, and makes an even bolder claim inside the book that social media “doesn’t exist” (17). That said, the author presents a reasonable argument that the term “social media” is nothing more than a buzzword for conventions […]

Mitt Romney Continues to Lose… Likes

Social media has become an integral component in the political campaigns, as evidenced by Barack Obama’s extraordinary path to the White House in 2008. It seems now that it is vital to have a large social media community. Mitt Romney and his campaign staff recognized this, and, despite their huge disadvantage against Obama’s 30-plus million on […]

Louis C.K. Performs “Real” Funny

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly engaging in performance in our daily lives. While some aspects of our lives may seem banal, when we communicate with others or present ourselves to others we are engaging an audience. This is just as true in the digital world, that is, we constantly […]

Tweaking the Definition of Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites (SNS) could mean different things to different people.  Likewise, the conventions for an SNS can vary from person to person. However, from an academic perspective, articulating a workable definition of an SNS should be an ongoing challenge. Danah Boyd and Nicole Ellison took on the challenge of defining what a social networking […]

Would Employers “Like” Your Facebook Profile?

Social media factoring into your job search has become a common discussion lately. There is a lot of debate on whether your social media presence plays a role in gaining employment. I recently read an article on written by Libby Kane titled “Could Staying off Facebook Hurt You?” that raises many questions about identity, authenticity, […]