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Gail’s Folly, or Why You Shouldn’t Be Learning About Social Media From Your Mother

By this time in January, I too could realistically achieve excellence and success in the realm of social media for my business. So says, at least, Gail Z. Martin, the “marketing expert and international speaker” who has now reached a point of near infamy among many in our class after reading her “30 Days to […]

One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State (Or How I Learned to Love Russert and Start Coloring)

I don’t often find myself using social media platforms—especially Twitter—to educate myself on the important news of the day; I follow perhaps two dedicated news personalities’ handles, I ignore or don’t understand most trending tweets, and I live-tweet televised events for the sole purpose of staying in touch with the visceral and often humorous reactions […]

My Boring Fake Relationship

  I’ve been “that guy” for a while. The one who has a network of high school friends from forays into music and drama. The one who seems to have as many Facebook friends in his many family members as he does in NYU acquaintances from the past year and a half. The one who […]

My Community Could Beat Up YOUR Community!

Community, to me, is the most pure form of comfort and contentment that we as social beings can experience. Community is the sense of being wanted, needed, appreciated, or included in a group setting of any sort—united by cause, status, identity, location, or any other method of differentiation. The strongest communities between individuals are formed […]

Live and Make Die? Killing Celebrities on Twitter

If there’s one thing that I find amusing in technological journalism, it’s the notion that social networking sites can “do” things, the frequent and possibly unknowing widespread tendency to personify these platforms as independent entities capable of making decisions. Any day of the week a casual Internet user can stumble upon ads and articles with […]