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Likeable Media, So Easy You Can Do It Yourself

Dave Kerpen, author of  “Likeable” and  CEO of Likeable Media, published a detailed exploration of a variety of companies’ social media presence as a way of guiding the struggling netizen to optimize their marketing and advertising within the various social networks. It is the prime example of what Nancy Baym refers to as social shaping […]

The Winning Re-Tweet: The Winning Hug

I bet every one of you can tell me what the most re-tweeted photo in the history of social media is because it flooded all of our news feeds the night President Obama was reelected for his second term. That’s right, the photo of the President hugging first lady, Michelle.  The article, “Social and Anti-Social […]

I Admit I Fell in Love With Kim…

My taste statement is surely what Hugo Liu would confirm as authentic if you check my Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter because as an American male I proudly and openly like and follow many members of the Kardashian-Jenner-Disick-Odom family. That’s why I already know that millions of people around the world today will be wondering […]

Women Take The Lead

In 2007, Eszter Hargittai published the article, “Whose Space? Differences Among Users and Non-Users of Social Network Sites”.  The article sets out to address a question that any netizen in today’s cybernetic era might instinctually assume mockingly rhetorical without thoroughly reading Hargittai’s investigation. Of course all “people (are) equally likely to join the various types […]

It’s Okay to Talk to Your TV

John Jannarone’s article, “When Twitter Fans Steer TV” instantly reminded me of a fraise my friends and I use, the “mirror”.  Whenever an act is made that reflects positively or negatively on a person’s true self and character, we advise them to consult a figurative mirror. By doing so they can better understand how they […]