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reasonably likeable social media

Dave Kerpen‘s Likeable Social Media claims to teach “How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistable Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (and other social networks),” and he might succeed. His intended audience clearly isn’t a social media expert, though this is not a book for someone creating a facebook account for the first time. […]

The Republican Party Should Really Take Our Class

or not, because I’m fine with the Democrats kicking ass and taking names. But to do so might at least give them some equal footing. Vincent Harris‘ Buzzfeed article, “Time For The Republican Party To Discover The Internet: Google is not a social network, and other elementary errors” explained how “the 2012 election proved that while a […]


I thought a lot about making drastic changes to my facebook profile. I knew exactly what I would do—turn a complete 180 and express support for Mitt Romney by liking his and Paul Ryan’s pages, and writing a status describing the reasons why I “support” the campaign. This was really the most drastic change I […]

Let’s be acquaintances

in danah boyd‘s 2006 paper “Friends, Friendsters, and MySpace Top 8: Writing Community Into Being on Social Network Sites,” she explains the dynamics of forming online friendships on the sites Friendster and MySpace. Specifically, she explains that friendships on social networking sites are extremely different from the relationships and practices of maintaining friendships in real life. In fact, she […]

Surprise surprise, peer pressure affects even those over 18…

and social networks are a pretty effective way to influence your friends. Today’s New York Times article by John Markoff titled “Social Networks Can Affect Voter Turnout, Study Finds,”  reveals the results of a study conducted on Facebook during the 2010 election. The study showed that a “get out the vote” message across the top of […]