Oh Donald….

Dear old Donald Trump is at it again.

Many republicans were rather disenchanted– to say the least– after the results of the elections. And while some were just sad, many like Donald Trump were right out calling for a march to Washington. Being the authentic man that he is, Donald Trump could not abstain from spilling hellfire from his twitter account. Here is a video explaining it all:

The most famous birther around called out to his near two million followers on election night to  start a revolution. I am not kidding.  But the article for the Huffington Post points out something more interesting than what Trump has on his head. (But in all honesty, what is that thing?) After the night of the election Trump deleted some tweets after NBC’s Brian Williams called him out on national television. Could it be that the man is… ashamed? The tweets were sent out in a flurry, blanket blasting half of the country or the electoral college, open for everyone to see. It was not the first time Donald Trump said/tweeted things that were better left unsaid but what could have caused him to retract his tweets?

The first thing that comes to mind is just simple, human, shame. He was ridiculed on national television, and although it was not the first time, it can certainly hurt one’s ego. I know a lot of people don’t think that Donald Trump (or that thing on his head) has feelings but dear old Donald is a man. While simple shame cannot be completely excluded as to why he deleted his tweets, something else comes into play, business. Am I suggesting that tweets like these could hurt a business man? Yes. However, this is Donald Trump we’re talking about, tweets like these could hurt his business… if it was the first time he ever said something outrageous. These tweets cannot hurt Donald Trump’s business endeavors the slightest. Does that make me right the first time around then? Is Donald Trump authentic enough- in the common sense of the word- that he would delete his own authentic taste statement tweets out of simple human emotion? Could Donald Trump have… feelings?

I don’t know if that reassures me or scares me. I think it scares me more.


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