Obama’s “Gifts”

Yesterday, this article was published on The Caucus, the New York Times’ political blog. It gives some insight into what Mitt Romney has been up to after the election – and after his concession speech that was widely agreed to be classy and gracious. This article depicts Romney’s post-election attitude to be anything but, including quotes that Romney said to campaign supporters in an effort to portray President Obama as using conniving and manipulative tactics. His use of the word “gifts” implies that Obama actually bribed his potential voters. However, these bribes included “free contraceptives” and “Obamacare” – things that really are not gifts at all, since they are not special privileges but entities that all people should have access to.

The article quotes Paul Ryan attributing Obama’s victory to his success in “urban areas” – a halfhearted attempt at political correctness that allowed Ryan to avoid saying the words “black” and “Latino.” The article goes on to point out that this claim is fallacious anyway, since Obama actually won in several rural areas as well. In addition, “exit polls showed little appreciable difference between Mr. Obama’s performance among black voters nationwide and in many swing states in this election and in 2008.” And yet Romney used the issue of race as a jumping-off point to argue that Obama used cheap tactics to appeal to voters. Promoting safe sex and healthcare are not cheap; the fact that Romney is approaching these topics from a negative perspective reveals a fundamental difference between the two candidates as far as what they believe voters want – and deserve.

Not expressly related; I just think it’s a really great idea that will probably be turned into one of those books they sell at Urban Outfitters.

Romney’s quotes in this article are how I know that the ever-growing rift between the two major political parties in this country has grown too deep. Romney speaks of things like extended healthcare and free contraception as objectively bad, and from my perspective these things are objectively good – and necessary. If Mitt Romney’s white is my (or anyone’s) black, how are we supposed to ensure that healthy political debate, not party warfare, will occur?


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