Flag Head Lady

Buzzfeed’s article on flag head lady was one of many a friend of mine on Facebook posted regarding the election. Everyone posted something about the election, especially about flag head lady. This friend in particular posted quite often about the election and got a decent response on almost every post. Buzzfeed’s “article” consists of the story of flag head lady in picture and caption format, using pictures from the live television coverage as well as screenshots of people’s tweets about flag lady. Also shown via pictures are other people flag-heading aka wearing a flag in hair.

The tone the article takes is a mixture of both prestige and theatrical taste statements. By calling flag lady an american hero, they are obviously exaggerating. Buzzfeed takes the position as a sort of authority on a subject sometimes. I feel like telling a story through tweets is helpful but very prestigious. It’s similar to saying “we have all this proof”. Also prestigious is the last meme that says “Flag in my hair, don’t care”. Theatrically speaking, the sensational Flagheaded Lady Song was ridiculous and just for laughs.

What I found most interesting is how this spawned a plethora of spoofs, including one “I wave my flag back and forth” set to Willow Smith’s infamous song (I’m still trying to understand how a ten year old can have “swagger”, but that’s off topic). It’s quite funny, as is the fact that several people, including celebs, thought this woman was Oprah! I think she looks nothing like her and actually felt it was a bit weird to call her Oprah. I really don’t understand the connection.

I thought it was a well  done Buzzfeed article with multiple facets of information and entertainment, despite the “know-it-all” tone it exudes.


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