“We need a leader who is one of us.”

Through the weeks leading up to the election, I must have seen hundreds of posts regarding the event on Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram. I rarely ever click on the articles, but one stuck out to me so much that I felt like I had to click, and has been the only article to stick in my memory. The article is entitled, “Is America Ready for a President Who Has Never Been Drunk?” Written by Will Newman, it doesn’t discuss the candidates’ policies, in fact- it doesn’t mention President Obama at all. The article comedically discusses Mitt Romney’s mormonism- a satire which describes that since he has never had a drink, his first year as president may end up like a freshman in college, saying, “The White House RA may find Romney passed out on the floor in a pool of his own throw up because he wasn’t able to handle the stress.”

The article is hilarious and stuck with me so much that I knew exactly who had posted it- and “creeped” on her Facebook timeline until I found the article, which she posted almost a month ago. From the girl’s other posts, you can tell she was a Romney supporter, so it’s interesting that she decided to post an article putting him down. It is funny, it is important to take into account that maybe that’s the only reason why she posted it. I remember reading it and laughing out loud, expecting it to get a lot of attention on Facebook. But as I look back at the post now, it has no comments, no likes. I’m shocked by this- especially because she is a student of NYU, in which a lot of our peers are fierce Obama supporters. Maybe people didn’t find it as funny as I did, or maybe I just have a bizarre sense of humor, but I think the final lines of the article say it best: “We are a people, a flawed and scared and insecure and hopeful and occasionally triumphant but usually confused people who look pretty attractive at certain angles. And we need a leader who is one of us.”

Obviously, this article didn’t have any influence on my vote, but it was really enjoyable to read something funny when people are posting their opinions so seriously on social media. And everybody knows, there is nothing more annoying than people posting their political views on Facebook. Nothing.


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