The Economist sticks with the devil it knows, endorses Obama for a 2nd term

The Economist did an article on the lackluster presidential candidates for the 2012 election.  Neither really proved deserving, but one will obviously prevail. Obama hadn’t proven himself as well as he should of, to be worthy of re-election, but in comparison, Romney seemed even more unfit. In his first term, Obama did stop the economy from getting a lot worse, refocused foreign policy toward a better direction, and achieved a semi-respectable health care system. During his re-election campaign, however, Obama not only spent little effort “buttering up people who disagree with him,” but also little effort to lay out and address the massive deficit America is facing with a credible plan. These ill aforementioned choices are largely in part due to the fact that “his entire campaign has been spent attacking Romney.” Though Obama didn’t prove to be the man he promised in his first term, he still brought the country back from the brink of disaster, and has therefore once again, earned The Economist’s endorsement for the White House.

I agree whole heartedly with the level-headed analysis The Economist article makes of the two candidates. Obama will face a specifically hard last term, as he has a lot to deliver in order to regain his popularity amongst democrats and maybe some republicans.  Although Obama made it through the election on top, he now faces crucial decisions for the future of America, with the House full of Republicans to interject at every turn.

This article reminds me of Marwick and Boyd’s article about imagined audiences. Specifically, how we construct messages based on who we imagine to be in the audience. For Obama, his hardest feat was re-convincing his audience that voted for him in 2008 to stand by him again, even though they feel deceived and let down. Obama did something that Romney could not; connect with the nation on a more personable level, and show understanding and empathy for those disappointed, and then use that empathy to leverage why he would better suit the White House than Romney. In 2008, Obama entered the White House with a handful on his plate, and after doing some serious damage control, Obama is trying to show the American people he has been listening, and now finally has the resources to focus on the state of the future.


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