Four More Years: Three Words That Broke Records

On election night, Barack Obama broke records by creating the most Re-Tweeted tweet in history. It has upwards of 800,000 RT’s and is Favorited almost 300,000 times. This is beating Justin Bieber’s previously held record of ‘Most widespread social network message in 24 hours’ when his 18th birthday tweet was Re-Tweeted 251,878 times. (source)

Simon Mainwaring, a writer for Huffington Post sees the tweet as a significant indicator that Barack Obama and his team know Twitter well and understand how to best utilize it to create a dialogue. (This is in contrast to Mitt Romney’s Twitter account which was barely updated on the night of the election and has since seen only one post.) Mainwaring sees three distinct lessons that we can learn from this tweet: The first is that social media sites are new channels used to convey human emotion, the second is that to inspire sharing of a message, the brand (or person) must “position itself as a chief celebrant rather than celebrity of its community,” and the third is that brands must create every message to drive sharing rather than acquisition.

It’s quite simple when you think about it, and rather fascinating when considering how a simple message like that can create such a response. For Obama, the timing of the message, plus this beautiful picture of he and his wife (FLOTUS FTW), and the simplicity and power of the three words inspired his followers and fans to echo his sentiments. It seems as if the President and his team understand that Twitter is not so much about being self congratulatory and gaining as many followers as possible, but more about connecting with the American public in a unique way. Never before in history have we been able to interact with our president like this; social media affords this opportunity and Obama is just going along for the ride.


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