I Got 99 Problems but Mitt ain’t One

In New York Magazine’s Jay Z Performed ’99 Problems’ at an Obama Rally, Joe Coscarelli comments on the rapper’s performance at an Obama Rally in Columbus, Ohio. The rapper performed a number of songs along with singer Bruce Springsteen prior to Obama’s appearance on stage. The controversy with Jay Z’s performance was about the fact that the rapper replaced the word ‘bitch’ in his infamous song ‘99 Problems’ with Governor Romney’s first name. The new lyrics read “I got 99 problems but Mitt ain’t one.”

The controversial lyrics weren’t well received by Romney supporters

Coscarelli also chose to include a number of tweets from Romney supporters who chose to voice their criticism via Twitter.

Unhappy Romney supporters voice their opens via Twitter

I thought that this article is a great example of spreading information via various media channels, or media multiplexity. The video of Jay Z’s performance has been uploaded to Youtube with 134,318 views in 24 hours. The number of Twitter responses are evident on the social media site and there are 23 comments on NYMag.com from readers voicing their own opinions. Furthermore, I chose to share the video with my Facebook and Instagram friends to see their response on the Election Day.

I think that while controversial, the video will reach a greater audience because beyond Obama supporters, fans of Jay Z’s music will hear his political opinions and may be more inclined to agree with Jay Z based on their interest in him as a rapper.

The article poses an example of context collapse in that it dilutes the separation between politics and music, making fans of Jay Z feel obligated, to an extent, to agree with his political opinions on the share belief that ‘if we agree with the words in his songs, we must also agree with his political choices.’


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