Sandy, the GOP, Democrats and… Me?

I choose this article because I re-tweeted it last week and the truth is, I didn’t even read it before I clicked the re-tweet button. The title ( Why Democrats Are Right to Politicize Sandy) provided enough information that I drew my own conclusions and decided to share it with my followers. Liu would definitely call this a prestige statement and I am the first to admit that it was. However, in keeping with my authenticity, it was followed by a theatrical statement as I tweeted about seeing Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband—which is ironic because I wrote my last blog post on her and her theatrical statements and here I am admitting in this blog post to be posting theatrical statements myself, that just so happen to include her latest theatrical marriage.

However, I did end up reading the article (keeping in mind that if I didn’t like it, twitter has the affordance of an ‘undo retweet’ option) and it notes how Sandy will be used, by democrats, to discuss the issue of disaster response.  When disasters aren’t happening people are less concerned with Republicans desire to limit FEMA’s budget but when the affects of a disaster are still felt, people are much more interested in a candidates position on the issue.

The article not only discusses how the democrats can use this to their advantage, it is actually does it for them. They link articles that directly back up their statements and then end with a video where Romney presents his view of disaster spending. While the video is from a debate last summer (persistablity!) linking it to the article now, post hurricane, will definitely cause some strong reactions. Anyone with an understanding of Sandy’s damage will be horrified by his proposal.

I am not one to make political statements on twitter and I think it is worth questioning if, in re-tweeting this article, I did. I think re-tweeting has little context and therefore isn’t as explicit as creating my own tweets. In fact, by clicking that little button it can be argued that I am not saying I liked the article, agreed with it, or even read it.


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