Mini-blog Prompt

Note that this assignment will replace the 4th blog response listed on the original syllabus.

For this mini-blog post, summarize and respond to one interesting online article that you have seen regarding the 2012 election. You are especially encouraged to choose an article that you discovered through social media channels (e.g. an article that you saw shared on Facebook or Twitter). Your post should provide a very brief summary of the article’s main point(s). You should also briefly respond with your own commentary, which might include your own personal observations and/or critical analysis drawing on material we’ve discussed in this course. You might also wish to comment on the article’s circulation in your social network(s). These are all just suggestions – the form your commentary takes is up to you.

This post will be evaluated based on the regular blogging criteria, though it may be much shorter than usual (300 words is a good target length). Tag this post with your group name and “mini-blog”.

Your post must be up by 11am on Friday, November 16th.


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