Obama Is Literally Buying This Word on Twitter


A Mashable article from September 7th entitled “Obama Is Literally Buying This Word on Twitter,” by Neha Prakash, describes a curious phenomenon that occurred during this year’s Democratic National Convention: the convergence of a useful social media tool and a powerful marketing and PR force.

Here is some background for this article: during his speech at the DNC on September 6th, Vice President Joe Biden incorrectly use the word “literally” nine times in approximately forty minutes. Unsurprisingly, this led to an influx of tweets poking fun at Biden’s gaff, causing the hashtag #literally to become a trending topic that night. The team in charge of running Barack Obama’s wildly popular Twitter feed quickly reacted to the situation, taking advantage of Twitter’s new-ish option to buy Promoted Tweets – tweets that show up on every single user’s timeline and in the Trending Topics list. The idea behind this…

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