Blog Post 2 Prompt

The pace of change  is quick for social media technologies. For this blog post, choose one reading that we have done so far this semester that you feel needs to be updated in light of the changes that have occurred since it was published. Briefly summarize the findings and analysis related by the original author, and then explain why you believe an update would be useful. To build up your argument on this, bring in a current article (written within the past few weeks) that documents the changing conditions that you feel necessitate an updated analysis.

The update you suggest must be more than a superficial revision of the technological capabilities of the social media platform involved. So you can’t just say “‘Tweet, Tweet, Retweet’ has to be updated because now Twitter has a retweet button.” You must instead explain why the authors’ analysis would have to change in light of Twitter’s new feature. You might, for example, find an article that indicates that norms around retweeting have changed after the introduction of the retweet button, and argue that boyd, Golder, and Lotan‘s analysis must be expanded to account for the new motivations users have for using the button.

In addition, your post should include an argument about what is still useful or applicable about the authors’ analysis. In other words, explain why this reading may still be important for a student like yourself to read in gaining an understanding of culture and social media technologies. Again, find and discuss a current example that supports your argument.

Your post will be evaluated using the general blog rubric which you can find on the Assignment Instructions page. Please remember to include hyperlinks to any articles and authors you discuss (including the assigned readings and the examples you find on your own).

This post should be tagged “post2” and you should also include a tag of your blogging group name. I’ve tagged this post with each of the group names so you can see which tag to use.

If you have questions about this assignment, please post them as a comment here so that we can address them and other students can see our answers as well!


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