Blog Post 1 Prompt

For this blog post, find a recent* article posted online about social media [here’s an example]. Write a thoughtful response to your chosen article, drawing on the readings we have done so far and the Anthropological Introduction to Youtube video you watched during the first week. Specifically, you should identify which of Baym’s four social discourses of new media technologies most closely matches the approach taken by the author of the article (use evidence from the article to back you up on this). Beyond this, you should bring in at least one of the other assigned readings we have read and put the author’s ideas into substantive conversation with your chosen article (you can use the Youtube video instead of a reading if you want). For example, you may want to discuss how the article relates to boyd & Ellison‘s definition of “social network sites,” or Donath‘s discussion of “sociable media,” or Beer‘s provocations about which questions we should be asking about social media platforms. These are just suggestions. Your goal in this assignment will be to approach your chosen article as the beginning of a conversation which your post will then add to, bringing your new knowledge to bear.

*The online article you choose to write about must have been written and posted within the last 3 months. The more recent, the better.

Your post will be evaluated using the general blog rubric which you can find on the Assignment Instructions page.

This post should be tagged “post1” and you should also include a tag of your blogging group name. I’ve tagged this post with each of the group names so you can see which tag to use.

If you have questions about this assignment, please post them as a comment here so that we can address them and other students can see our answers as well!



  1. Danna Shapiro · · Reply

    One article I’m interested in using doesn’t necessarily pose an opinion, but rather, recounts an event that heavily involved Facebook. Is that okay or should I be looking for a more substantial article?

    1. It’s fine if the article doesn’t explicitly take a side. For most articles, the discursive approach will be implicit rather than overtly stated. We’ll talk more about it in class tomorrow!

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